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 While our competitors publish only what brings them  financial gain, over the years, we tried hard to give as much info and technical support possible to everyone in the community for FREE.
This is how Alex Varv's Inventions Page was born.
With a worldwide contribution of  very informative articles, our web site became one of the most complete PPG web sites in the World.
The Inventions Page is a totally non-commercial section that brings to anyone's fingertips the most complete PPG inventions and innovations done by pilots from around the globe!

    A LIGHT New Engine for 2022 : The 132 Lb thrust Cors-Air Black Bee   

                                                                                                         (this is a link)

                                                              (the picture is a link)

      New engine for 2022 : The  newest version of the Cors-Air Black Bull 235 cc, over 35 HP
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                                                  The 2022Black Bull has  ctwo optional battery charging systems  for LIPO and Sealed Lead Acid batteries
                                                  Optional cooling shroud $151.25
                                                  Optional PPG meter with fuel meter, CHT,  EGT and tachometer $298.50

                                                       Black Bull  el. start or hand start version  SAME PRICE-  $3,475.00 plus shipping

       New engines for 2019: New version of Black Devil LIGHT and The Black Devil LIGHT/ SPORT
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  To view  our engine ready to fly in civilian applications, please visit:













             We also have several major  US military contractors that use our engines on their UAV.
                The links to these web sites unfortunately, can NOT be published here.


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Please, check  The Inventions Page where we present PPG improvements done by amateur pilots on their machines.
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