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    A Very LIGHT New Engine for 2019: The 132 Lb thrust Cors-Air Black Bee   
                                                                                                         (this is a link)

                                                              (the picture is a link)

      New engine for 2019: The  newest version of the Cors-Air Black Bull 235 cc, over 35 HP
                                                                                ( this is a link)


                                                  The 2018 Black Bull has  ctwo optional battery charging systems  for LIPO and Sealed Lead Acid batteries

                                                       Black Bull  el. start or hand start version  SAME PRICE-  $3,475.00 plus shipping

       New engines for 2019: New version of Black Devil LIGHT and The Black Devil LIGHT/ SPORT
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                 New Paramotor: The Cors-Air Kangook Starting at $6,490.00 (this is a link)

                             Alex Varv Cors-Air Kangook package prices (this is a link)

                     Like NO other paramotor on the market, every single Cors-Air  Kangook
                         frame and the "Alex Varv" active torque canceling system made in the USA  and Israel (APCO Aviation) are individually  
                         crafted to the size and personal requirements  of each future owner.
                        This is NOT a serial mass  production!  It is a Cadillac crafted for those who appreciate quality, performance and comfort.                                                                                           
                        The pilot will have the feeling that the paramotor is "an extention" of his body!
                        Too good to be true?
                        Try one to see for yourself!!!

                                   Alex L. Varv
                                                                 (Click on picture to see presentation )

                                                      Cors-Air Kangook test flight results  (link to testimonials)
                                         Cors-Air Kangook full review by Jeff Goin  (this is a link)
                                                Cors-Air Kangook package prices  ( this is a link)

                                                               The new Cors-Air Kangook paramotor  presentation
                                                                                     (click on picture below)


                                       Cors-Air Kangook test flight comments and testimonials
                                                                                                                                ( This is a link)

                                                   To view  our engine ready to fly in civilian applications, please visit:













             We also have several major  US military contractors that use our engines on their UAV.
                The links to these web sites unfortunately, can NOT be published here.


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