New engine for 2018 available now

                         New engine for 2018  The Cors-Air Black Bull
          with new exhaust system (no more exhaust springs!!

                                                                             New Paramotor  starting at $6,400.00

                                      New Alex Varv/APCO Aviation harness

                                       Propeller Balancer  

                               Cylinder head Cooling Shroud

                                 Alex Varv's carburetor DVD $25.00 plus shipping
This DVD is an excellent reference tool that shows how to overhaul a WB type carburetor (WB37C ; WB 32; WB 3A) how to install tuning handles so the carburetor is easily adjusted while the engine is running and finally, the DVD shows how to check and set the correct pop-off pressure.

                                  The TTO digital Tach-Hour meter $55.00 plus shipping $7.00

                                          The new Flash Starter

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