A few years ago, JPX Italia introduced a specially designed cylinder head cooling shroud.

We are presenting it here in the New Products Page.

Advantages of the cooling shroud:

1) Reduced the cylinder head temperature by 100F

2) Prevents overheating when oxygenated fuel is used (gasoline with 10% ethanol)

3) Increases engine tolerance and overheating in case the carburetion is not correctly adjusted
(however, this is NOT an excuse not to tune the carburetor)

4) Affordable and very easy to install by the end user.


The orientation of the "scoops" may be confusing to some pilots because the larger (more open) scoop faces the propeller and not the direction of the flight.
This is not a mistake. In slow flight (most PPG machines fly slowly) even if the bigger scoop were pointed in the direction of the flight, not enough airflow would pass through the cylinder
and cylinder head fins.
Having the bigger scoop facing the base of the propeller where the blade has the biggest pitch, the shroud allows the propeller to extract the hot air.


The picture below shows the four extended hex nuts that hold the shroud above the cylinder head and also the two rubber cushions on the side that prevent vibration
and do not allow the shroud to touch the cylinder fins


                                                   On the side view (below) the patent  note is visible


                                  Unlawful copying will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law



                              This next picture shows the cooling shroud installed on a Black Devil engine


                         The cooling shroud will dramatically lower your cylinder head temperature.

                          Price: $151.60

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