About Us

       Our company is the exclusive US importer and  distributor of the Cors-Air engine line.
We have been in business for over 22 years and we can proudly state that all along this time, we provided the very best products and technical support in the industry.

      Eight  years ago  we  improved an existing paramotor made by RS Ultra Canada, namely the Kangook and  we developed our proprietary active torque canceling system unique in the world!!
 The agreement was that this greatly improved  Kangook paramotor was supposed to be made exclusively for Aero Cors-Air USA LLC but it turned out  later that  after recognizing the value of our improvement, RS Ultra started to distribute out concept with all their paramotors over the world without ANY prior agreement with us or any kind of compensation.
This is why we stopped colaborating with RS Ultra in Canada

       Our engines were tested publicly at different ultralight  air-shows and  PPG conventions with the contribution of well known engineers, technicians and experienced PPG pilots from the US and other countries and over 22 years have proved that our Cors-Air engines are among the most reliable, safe, robust, maintenance free and user friendly engines available on the world market today.

       Our engines and paramotors are not mass produced. They  come with  many different options in order to satisfy the most particular requirements of our customers. No engines on the market have the options we offer: four different reductions and propeller sizes, classic hand start, flash start with clutch, pure electric start with battery charging, hybrid engine with all reductions mentioned before that has manual start and electric start. This is why our engines leave the competition far behind.

      Because of their features, our engines have been used in the UAV (drone planes) industry for years.
Our newest Cors-Air M25Y/ Black Devil engine has become the "work horse" of the PPG industry because it also has the best power to weight ratio among all existing engines on the market.

      We are far from claiming that our products  are the ultimate engines and paramotors. They are being continuously updated and improved once new technical achievements are developed and introduced. What we claim is that we will NEVER compromise the quality, safety and user friendliness of our engines and we will never manufacture them in China or other third world country in order to raise the profits. There are many copies of our engines out in the World but none has came even close to the original.

Welcome to  the world of the Aero Cors-Air engines and paramotors, the world of the most copied products on the world market!!!

Alex Varv

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