The Black Bee 2019 / 125 cc is readyThe Black Bee 2019 / 125 cc is ready
                              The Black Bee 2022 / 125 cc is ready

 While continuously widening our engine range and further developing our modern and unique designs, we are proud to introduce
 the new BLACK BEE engine.
Like the rest of our CORS-AIR engine line,  The Black Bee is very reliable,  user friendly with high performance and projected
with great care for detail.
We use only the very best available materials  today in building our engines.
This wonderful engine, targets primarily the pilots who are looking for a light yet strong and reliable engine,
with low fuel consumption and performance that allows them to have fun with the new Reflex paragliders
present on the world market today.

Technical speciffications:
Weight: complete with exhaust, air-box and four rubber mounts included  13.00 Kg = 28,6 Lb Number of cylinders: single cylinder air cooled  (cooling shroud option available)
Engine type: two stroke
Bore: 54 mm
Stroke: 54 mm
Total displacement: 125 cc ( 7,62787 cubic inch)
Compression ratio: 10,5:1
Fuel delivery to the crankcase via: six petal reed-valve system connected to the crankcase
Diaphragm carburettor: Walbro  WG8 or Walbro WB 37 C
Reduction: with Poly V belt; engine available with a  1:3,6 reduction
Continuous operating temperature: 190°C ( 374F ), maximum temperature: 240°C ( 463F)
Engine mounting: by 4 shock absorbing rubber mounts (vibration insulators)
Propeller rotation: counterclockwise
Maximum RPM: 9,800 RPM
Spark plug: NGK BR9ES
Fuel / oil mixture: 2.2% with  fully synthetic oil  / suggested brands: Malossi ; Castrol TTS; Honda HP2 racing oil
Thrust: 60 kg = 132 Lb
Engine power: 19 HP
Engine weight: 13 Kg = 28.6 Lb
Structural Features:
Flash starter included in the price of the engine
The newly improved air-box attenuates the intake noise much better than older models
Crankcases: cast in G-Al Si 9 UNI 3051 alloy subsequently treated
Fuel distribution system (cylinder transfer ports): six transfer ports
Cylinder: cast in light silicon alloy with Cermetal (NICASIL) protective coating
Piston: with ultra-light structure reinforced with side flaps for heat dispersion; flaps in 2 segments, graphite cover
Cylinder head: cast aluminium alloy with high percentage of silicon and concentric combustion chamber,  precisely calculated squish
Crankshaft cast: in 18 Ni Cr Mo5 with 5 thermal treatments on every component
Connecting rod:  Copper plated steel 18Ni Cr Mo 5connected to the crankshaft  via very precise high speed silver-plated roller bearings
Roller bearings: class (type) C3 for high RPM
Oil seals:   Long lasting Viton with double lip and very high resistance to temperature and friction
Exhaust system: new flexible with braided steel connection and tuned pipe incorporated in the muffler
Distance between each of the four engine rubber mounts: 14 cm   (14 x 14 x 14 x 14 )




Our new 2019 125 cc engine is already in production and ready to be purchased.
The engine is available only as a special order.
Cooling shroud and quick propeller release are optional.
Shipping is NOT included in the price of the engine.

Alex Varv   / Aero Cors-Air USA LLC

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