Welcome to the Cors-Air family!!

  Aero Cors-Air USA LLC. has been established in 1998 by Alex  L.  Varv  - a PPG enthusiast and two stroke engine specialist.
Looking for a reliable two stroke engine for Powered Paragliding and  other ultralight operations, 22 years ago today, we found the Cors-Air M21Y engine to be the best for our purpose.

 We contributed with many ideas to improve the Cors-Air engine line, which, over the years, proved to be one of the most reliable, user friendly and  low maintenance engines in the World.

As we proved many times at different airshows, our engines  can be assembled and disassembled in the middle of the desert, using only basic tools.
  Obviously, this is a great advantage  to any PPG pilot or military UAV operator in the field!!!

Today, after 22 years in business, Aero Cors-Air USA  LLC is running stronger than ever  offering the widest range in engine option among all other engine manufacturers in this class. Please, check our engine options in the Parts and Prices Section of this web site. We no longer  offer the revolutionary Alex Varv's Cors-Air Kangook paramotor with complete automatic torque canceling system because the Canadian manufacturef of the frames and cages did not respect our exclusive and proprietary automatic torque canceling syste.
Lucky are those who are flying the Alex Varv Kangook Paramotor today!
Our clientele widened considerably and today we offer our engines to major US UAV manufacturers and this is our major field of activity now.
We have a fuel injected option of the Black Devil engine in ANY configuration and we are making significant steps towards use of heavy fuel in our engines instead of gasoline (petrol)
This is because heavy fuels contain more energy than gasoline, are cheaper and less explosive in ambient conditions.
Heavy fuels are also preferred by the UAV manufacturers around the World.

The company that we are representing in the USA  is Cors-Air Motors  from Italy.

A few words about Cors-Air  Motors:

             Formerly known as JPX Italia, the company was established by Oscar Meschiari. JPX Italia and now Cors-Air  SRL was among the first companies in the world to design and manufacture two stroke engines especially for Powered Paragliding.
The Cors-Air engines have established many World Records validated by FAI  (International Aeronautical Federation) both in altitude and distance flights be it solo flights or tandem flights!

To view the World Records click the following link and scroll down to middle of page:   http://www.corsairmotors.com/en/galleria/immagini/

In 2013 JPX Italia changed its name into  Cors-Air SRL.

In 2015, Alberto Castelli, great paramotor enthusiast ,  high class specialist and  engine designer , entered the company as the major shareholder.

For over 20 years the Cors-Air engine line  made many dreams of flying a PPG, around the globe, come true!

The Cors-Air engines are improved all the time and new versions are  developed in order to offer the most modern engines in many different configurations to the most particular customers.
The Cors-Air engines are the most copied engines in the World but none of them come even close to  the quality and craftsmanship of the original.

Cors-Air  air cooled engine line  are very successfully used by many companies in Europe, Japan, Russia,  USA, Australia, Britain, South Africa and other countries.
More and more manufacturers are interested in this new product which has proved to be one of the best solutions for a powerful, reliable, low maintenance and safe Powered Paraglider,  Microlight Aircraft or UAV.

Alex L. Varv   / Aero Cors-Air USA LLC

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