We are happy to announce that in January 2016 we  released TWO  new engine versions:
                                                        Beginning Jan 10, 2018, these engines will be further improved.
                                   Further weight reduction is on the horizon and new exhaust components will be used.

                                    The Cors-Air  Black Devil Light and The Cors-Air Black Devil LIGHT/ SPORT version


                      Because for many years now, one of the  "work horses" of the  PPG  in the World was the Cors-Air M25Y/ Black Devil,
                       we came to the conclusion that a new, updated, lighter  and more modern version of this engine should be released.
                                      It took us over a year of thinking, designing, modifying and finalizing the new and lighter versions.
                                      This new LIGHT version of the Black Devil is even more performant and  it is a lighter  powerplant.

 Here are a few  new features:

1) We designed a new and lighter crankcase that is more attractive and modern. In addition, this new crankcase allows
a better heat exchange so the engine is cooled down more than before.


2) The new exhaust brackets are made of Aluminum and not steel so they are lighter


3) The clutch version of the engine has a different, better and stronger construction with excellent warranty

4) We designed a lighter and more efficient air-box
    Also, a carbon fiber version of the air-box is  available!


5) There is a new generation of throttle cable adjustor that does NOT need heat shrink tubing to hold the throttle cable in place


6) We also introduced the new Tryton carburetor  as an option. Entirely made in Italy, this carburetor, although reminds a Tillotson on the outside, is a much and better an improved one. It does NOT require a pulse line because the pressure pulse is drawn from under the reed valve. This carburetor, allows an extra 300 RPM which obviously increases the engine power but in the same time, keeps fuel consumption lower than a Walbro WB. The reduced fuel consumption is achieved by a better atomizing system than the Tillotson or the Walbro.

7) The weight of the different Black Devil light versions is:

     a) hand start 13,75 Kg  (30.25 Lb) (exhaust included)
     b) el. start 14,2 Kg (31.24 Lb) (exhaust included but not the battery)
     c) clutch version 14,3 Kg (31.46)  (exhaust included)

8) As a promotion,  for a limited time,the prices are the same as the classic Black Devil shown in the Parts and Prices section of this web site.

The Black Devil LIGHT/Sport version has:  high impact thermoplastic new type  carbon fiber air-box, quick propeller removal hub, carbon fiber muffler (lighter than the standard stainless steel one)
We recommend the Sport version to those very refined pilots who appreciate quality, aesthetics and performance!

Technical drawings and dimensions:

1) Hand start version (this is a link)

2) Electric start version (this is a link)

Click here for more pictures of the Cors-Air Black Devil LIGHT and SPORT versions (this is a link)

Alex L Varv

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