Cors-Air Kangook hand start paramotor  with Alex Varv/APCO Aviation harness
and 48 inch propeller $6,490.00 (only 1:2,5 and 1:2,6 reduction)

Cors-Air Kangook paramotor with clutch (either Black Devil or Black Magic engine) $6,789.00

For electric start Cors-Air  Kangook paramotor add $360.00
For hybrid engine (hand start and electric start engine) add $550.00
For the Cors-Air FORTE configuration (over 170 Lb of static thrust) add $200.00
This configuration requires the purchase of a special HELIX propeller (Germany) and will add $190.00 to the cost
of the Cors-Air Forte upgrade.

Package prices:
We offer the Cors-Air Kangook with one of the very best wings available, the Mac Para Eden 4 or Mac Para MUSE 3RS EN-A which inflate very easily saving a lot of frustration to new pilots, they are  very stable,  agile and have an excellent glide ratio. These wing store more energy than the Mac Para Muse or its copies  and will NOT "dump" the pilot on landing.
"Dumping on landing" means that if the flare is not precise the wing will suddenly drop and the pilot may NOT be able to land on his feet. This effect can be eliminated only if  professional  training is available and the flare is perfectly timed.

Cors-Air Kangook with Black Devil hand start engine with Alex Varv/APCO harness and Mac Para EDEN 6 wing: please call us

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