Important note:
 The following material is by no means a substitute for the Black Devil owner's manual,  engine assembly sequence or other technical reference.
Links to such materials are provided at the end of this article.
My only intent in publishing this article was to give a general presentation of the new JPX Italia factory, to put "faces to names" and to show the present and future Black Devil owners the environment this engine is manufactured in.

In December 2004, I had the privilege and pleasure to visit  the JPX Italia/Cors-Air factory in Cavriago (Reggio Emilia) Italy.

Cavriago is a nice little town about an hour drive North from Bologna.
This new factory was opened last year in order to fulfil the growing demands for the
Cors-Air M25/Black Devil  engines now used by the leading manufacturers around the World.

Mr. Oscar Meschiari, chief designer and engineer, constructor of the Cors-Air  was my host.
Although it may sound biased, what I am about to say is true and the  pictures that follow, I hope, will fully illustrate this.
I have seen different small engine manufacturing plants but none of them yet  had given me the impression that I was in a "NASA environment".
In a perfect  almost "hospital"- clean plant, the Black Devil is assembled.
The plant is so clean that I felt bad even to walk on the floors!

The picture below shows the front elevation of the plant:


                         By the visitor's entrance there is a large office equipped with all new computers, phones and fax lines.
                                                        This is the place where Consuelo Meschiari takes the orders and talks to the customers


   After work hours, Consuelo carefully monitors most of the PPG lists to be updated with the latest events and market trends in the World.
           Also, by the entrance for visitors, there is a display of almost all versions and transformations the Cors-Air engine along the years.
                                                          Below on the far right (last picture) we can see the liquid cooled version of the old M21Y.


From this little vestibule begins the real factory with a large area from where the engines are shipped. The main production line is completely sealed off and all the production happens in a dust-free environment where even the temperature is automatically kept at a constant value.

         Next to the production line there is a special machining room. Although all the engine parts are made by the most reputable and  highly specialized companies, some of these parts are further  machined to meet the highest demands set by JPX Italia  


                                                                                          Every single cast metal part is carefully checked.


The following picture illustrates that although the crankcases that are readily machined by the company that makes them, here in the machining room, they are further refined.
This is the secret that the crankcase of a Black Devil like no other in its class is split in half for easy assembly and future repairs and even so, the main bearings do NOT have to be pressed in. And they always fit perfectly and so far, none of them has gone bad.
                                                                            In this picture, "Andrea #2"  gives the finishing touch on castings.



             From this general area (above) next to the shipping section there is a specially built engine test room equipped with all the necessary devices  (far left)
                                           The room is acoustically insulated and fitted with a special engine exhaust gas evacuation venting system.


                                                    On the far end of the production line there is a transparent and soundproof wall.
                              From here, the operator can see inside the test room and through digital devices he can monitor the engine tests.


         The production line was designed in such a way that all parts are stored on shelves in a certain sequence. This considerably increases the productivity.

                                  The shelves with the back engine flanges are exactly across  from the place they are installed on the engine.


As seen below, the engines are assembled in certain series and this number greatly depends on the production. In other words an "X" number of ready crankcases with shafts and connecting rods is assembled and only later  an "X" number of engines is finished.
At the time of my visit  (mid December)  the factory was just about to close for the holidays and this was the last batch of Black Devils for the year 2004.

                                                                             The factory reopened and restarted the full production in January 2005.


                                                                                   Most of the parts are supplied on carts next to the production line.
                                                                                                             Below, we see a cart  with ignition coils.


                 The picture below was taken to illustrate the simplicity of the Black Devil manufacturing system. On the shelves we can clearly see that only basic tools are used to put together the engine.
                                                                                        Mr. Meschiari designed the engine this way for two reasons:
                                                                                              -firstly, to greatly simplify the production
                                                                                              - and secondly, to make an engine that can be easily repaired by the end user with basic mechanical knowledge and basic and inexpensive tools!



              The production is carried out by very experienced operators. Please, note that even the vise that holds the ready crankcase (next picture) is padded to protect the black anodized coating.
                                                                                Please, also note the absolutely clean and dust free environment around.

                                                                                       .........a piston is installed on a connecting rod......


                                                                                                             .....a  cylinder is readied for installation......


                                                                                            .............bolts and nuts are torqued to strict specifications........


                                                                                                                 ........a  magnetic wheel is installed........

                                      This picture may be a good and probably the only reference one in this article, especially for the hand start Black Devil owners.
                                                 This  magnetic wheel holds the secret that the Black Devil is one of the most easily starting engines on the market.....

                                               .....a "cup" is added to the magnetic wheel then a starting mechanism and the engine is ready for packing......


       Below, we show again a picture with a good perspective of a section of the production line. Here we can clearly see the different phases of construction.  In the far end the engine testing room transparent wall is visible.


In the next pictures we will see the finished engines. Right now, after the winter holidays, due to even bigger demands for the engine, JPX Italia has increased the production and now the  Black Devils are kept in stock which will significantly shorten the delivery time.

                                              Once a batch is finished, the engines are very well packed  along with the exhaust parts and then put in well protected boxes. Later, in the shipping area, the boxes are loaded on crates.

                                                                                                                                                                      During my visit, Mr. Oscar Meschiari and the whole crew were excellent hosts.

                                                                                   We discussed the present production and set future plans..............plans that later brought into life the Cors-Air M19/Black Magic engine

Finally, I would like to extend my grateful "thank you" to
Mr. Oscar Meschiari without whom my visit would  not have been possible.

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