Arnon Lufi / Apco Aviation test pilot:

I flew the Cors-Air M19/Black Magic at the 2007 Arizona Flying Circus event.
From what I saw, the engine has the same reliability as the famous now Black Devil (Cors-Air M25Y)
The Black Magic has lots of power and compared to its competitors it is smoother running.  It is a seet engine.  Although there is no forced cooling as on similar engines in its class, the Black Magic runs very cool in the whole range of RPM.
I tested the Free Spirit paramotor and the BIack Magic flying the APCO Karma 23 (small) recently released by Apco Aviation, a wing that I am presenting now throughout the US.
During my tests, I  found the following:
a) in level flight at 6,500 RPM the cylinder head temperature was 250 F constant
b) at full power (9,200 RPM) the cylinder head temperature did not exceed 350 F!!!

If the engine turns out to be as fuel efficient as we all expect, it could be used with great success in PPG competitions.

In my opinion releasing this engine was a very good step forward made by JPX Italia. Finally we have a smaller clutch driven Cors-Air!

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Wayne Mitchler: instructor/test pilot  (Sky Bike Aviation)

 Alex ,
I wanted to let you know that I think the Cors-Air M19/Black Magic engine is a good complement to the Cors-Air line. I have been flying a Black Magic on a Paracruiser since early February this year for testing purposes(approx 10hrs). It starts very easily as does the Black Devil.


The clutch is a nice feature and performs very smoothly. The engine has a little less power than the Black Devil but is surprisingly strong. However, the Black Magic has only 120 cc compared to the Black Devil which has 172,5 cc.
At this point I have not done a thrust test but hope to perform one at the National Convention. JPX Italia has stuck with their proven design of the Black Devil here so I do not foresee any problems arising as it gets more hours.
In it's factory configuration of the carb it starts easily and runs smooth in the power band of the exhaust.
 In order to improve the mid range roughness I modified the carb as I have with most of my units.(plug idle bleeds) After this adaptation it runs extremely smoothly through all rpms. Also I installed one of my Phenolic insulators under the carb to improve the restart when warm.
JPX Italia you have another winner!!
Wayne Mitchler
SKY-BIKER Aviation Inc.
Ph: 780-352-7465

Jeff Goin: airline captain, President of USPPA
The Cors-Air M19/Black Magic was introduced to North America in 2007 to present JPX Italia's first clutch equipped motor in a lighter weight package. Being new, reliability will have to wait.
It has very good thrust and throttle response.
I've only flown it once on a Blackhawk and it worked quite well for me. The idle was too high so the clutch kept the prop engaged but that is a simple idle adjustment issue. Consequently I did not get to see how well it idles.
Unlike most small-displacement, high rpm motors, it has no forced air cooling but it also a bit heavier so the heat dissipation may be the same.

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