Aerocorsair USA Inc. is proud to take this opportunity to announce that a new engine has been included into the Cors-Air family.
The Cors-Air M19/Black Magic has been released by JPX Italia/Cors-Air Motors and it will be offered to the flying community very soon.
Following the great success of the Black Devil (Cors-Air M25Y) during the past years, we understood that a smaller and very reliable engine equipped with a centrifugal (centrifical) clutch would be the right response from JPX Italia to the needs of a different category of pilots  such as lighter pilots or those interested in a clutch equipped machine.
After almost two years of designing, choosing the right components, redesigning the prototype and final factory testing, JPX Italia built the first series of Corsair M19 engines  and sent them  to almost all of its dealers around the World for further testing in the field,  in the most diversified conditions.

All the independent tests performed by these  worldwide known manufacturers (Fly Products, Airfer Paramotores, Paraavis Russia, Ram Aircraft Japan, OU Aerosport Estonia, ALS France and many others) proved that the engine is a definite success. Other tests carried out by importers and dealers as Aerolight USA, Ohio Powered Paragliding, Paratoys, Sky Bike Aviation and Aerocorsair USA, showed  that the engine is an extremely reliable, user friendly and  smooth running powerplant.
Aerocorsair USA presented this engine at the last Arizona Flying Circus event and tested it publicly. Worldwide known pilots have test flown the engine at this past event (see testimonials)

The similarities  between the Black Devil and the new Black Magic engines are pictured below:

Noted below are the differences between the cylinders and pistons of these engines:

The rings of the Black Magic are Chrome plated for maximum strength.


As stated above The Black Magic is a clutch driven engine.


The close-up of this mechanism presented below shows its main components that
JPX Italia has worked for months in designing them. The goal was to achieve the one of the most  reliable and long lasting clutches possible.
The "bell" is made of a high quality steel,  while  the bearings are  designed for high RPM.


One very important feature of the Black Magic  is that it has no  forced cooling which obviously makes this engine simpler and easier to maintain.
The next advantage of the engine   is that the distance between the four engine mounts was kept the same  as in the   Black Devil engine. In other words a paramotor manufacturer can have the same frame for both engines. Conversely, the end user can easily switch from a Black Devil to a Black Magic without the need to fabricate an adaptor plate.

Below,  we present other views of the engine along with the conversions inches to millimeters  for the convenience of customers around the World.

Back view:

Side view:


The exhaust system is very similar to the bigger version (Black Devil)  with the exception of the different manifold and the tuned pipe.
Both engines employ similar mufflers enabling them to be less noisy than similar competing powerplants in their class.


For maximum cooling, the cylinder head is made of a different alloy than the cylinder, just like in the case of the Black Devil (Cors-Air M25Y) The new engines also have an optional cooling shroud tha can be very easily installed on top of the cylinder head.

The Black Magic is fitted with a manual decompressor which makes it a simpler construction.


Cors-Air M19/Black Magic Technical Data:
Engine                                                                                                                               M19Y
Cycle                                                                                                                             2 strokes
Total displacement                                                                                                   119,38 c.c.  
Bore                                                                                                                             57,5 mm.
Stroke                                                                                                                            46 mm.
Weight                                                  9,9 kg without exhaust
Peak RPM                                                             9200
Cooling                                                                                                                     by free air
Piston                          of light alloy with 2 piston rings of cast iron S10 chromium-plated
Cylinder                                 silicon light alloy with surfacing of  Cermetal (NICASIL)   
Head                                                 special aluminium alloy
Crankcase                                                                             Cast alloy G-Al Si 9 UNI 3051     
Carburetor                                                                                                              membrane
Feeding                                                                                    reed valve on the crankcase
Electronic ignition                                                                                                      type TCI
Spark Plug                                                                                                               NGK B9ES  
Starter                                                                                                                            manual
Clutch                                                                                                                       centrifugal
Reduction                                                                                                       with Poly V belt
      Reduction  rate                                                                                                                1:3,12
Continuous normal temperature                                                                     Max  250 °C
Exhaust pipe                                                                                                                     tuned
Fuel                                                             unleaded gasoline 98 octane and oil at 2,5%
Oil          good quality fully synthetic 2 stroke oil mixed with the fuel at   40:1 (2,5%)
Engine suspension: Five rubber mounts (vibration insulators)                                                                               

MAIN TORQUES                                                                                        Kg.m        (Nm)

DECOMPRESSOR                                                                                          1,9             19
Cylinder head nuts M8                                                                                   2,2             22
Nuts fo fix half crankcase                                                                              2,5             25
Bolts to fix back support base to the crankcase                                     2,0             20
Ignition magnetic wheel  (flywheel) nut           

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