I flew Alex Varv's Cors-Air Kangook paramotor and was impressed to find a motor that has finally conquered high thrust's main bugaboo: torque.
Of course it produces torque like all other machines but, by off-setting the thrust in TWO ways it all-but-eliminates torque's riser-twisting force or "Vertical Axis Torque", the cause of torque-induced riser-twist crashes that we've seen so many times on powerful pushers.

At full thrust I needed no brake input to fly  straight.
 In fact, the vertical axis twisting force is so well balanced that the only torque effect that I noticed is the right weight shift which is easily countered by opposing body weight shift.
The machine has excellent weight shift owing to its low articulating arms.

This is the best torque management I've seen on a high power machine. The key is that Alex Varv off-sets thrust by moving the right arm to the right AND moving the motor, cage and prop to the left.
 By pushing on the pilots left shoulder it completely counters the vertical axis twisting force that causes so much problem on other paramotors.

There is some fore-aft motion that occurs with thrust changes because the wing pivot point is below the thrust line until you're in the seat, then the effect is negligible. This effect can be minimized if not eliminated if prior to the first flight, the pilot does a hang test in a simulator which I did not do.

Alex,  as I mentioned above,off-setting thrust counters the vertical axis twist so common and dangerous on high power machines.
What has always floored me is that nobody in the PPG industry does it ENOUGH. You have successfully done this. Kudos for that!!
 I want to make sure people understand WHY your system works so well which is why I will write an article ( soon to be published) that  will explain more about your system and its advantages.

Jeff Goin

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